An Open Letter to Game Developers and Publishers

Dear Game Developers and Publishers, Let me start off by saying that I appreciate all the work you do. Making games is hard, and the only experience I’ve had is some game design classes in university. So thanks for everything you’ve done in making amazing experiences that we as gamers bond over and cherish. However, despite … More An Open Letter to Game Developers and Publishers

Inside Out: All the Feels

Have you ever wondered what’s going on inside people’s heads? That’s the big question that Pixar is creatively attempting to answer in their fifteenth animated feature, Inside Out. After years of mediocre titles from the animation powerhouse, Inside Out stands out as Pixar’s first original film since Up in 2009. But originality alone does not a good movie make. A film … More Inside Out: All the Feels

Day 0 @E3 2015 : Top 5

After the craziness of Bethesda’s presser last night, it’s hard to imagine that there are four more days of jaw-dropping game announcements left for our enjoyment. Despite Fallout 4’s attempt to ruin any further excitement, Day 0 of E3 2015 was filled with several incredible announcements and gameplay trailers. Not only from Microsoft and Sony, … More Day 0 @E3 2015 : Top 5

Bethesda @E3 2015: BOOM

  Hype is very dangerous thing. It can either fuel our expectations such that we’re looking through rose-coloured glasses, or it can make them unrealistic and thereby ruin what we view. It’s been a long time coming, but Bethesda’s first E3 press conference has finally happened. And by happened, I mean it kicked ass. There … More Bethesda @E3 2015: BOOM