Is This Thing On?

Hello there!

Seriously though, love Nintendo
Jamicus Breretonius

My names is James Brereton (pronounced buh-rare-re-ton) and welcome to, well, Bits by Brereton! If you’re looking for a blog that does reviews, editorials, and daily tidbits on the world of geek culture, then you’ve come to right place. If you’re looking for breaking news in the same area, then chance are you may want to check somewhere else. Personally, I use Polygon, Kotaku, IGN, and The Know for stuff that I use later in posts. But if you’re looking for the same material expanded on with a cynical Canadian twist then you’re set (did I mention that I’m a Canadian? No? Sorry about that eh?)

From anime to video games, the world is our oyster. Sound to good to you? No? Shut up and just go with it.

Get on the damn pony
Sums it all up really…

In fact you might also see some none geeky stuff as well, such as slice of life pieces, fiction and maybe even some cool photos.

You should expect updates on a weekly basis. I might try to do some stuff daily, but I’m not getting paid for this so real life will probably takeover at times (unfortunately).

Thanks again and I hope you like everything here!

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