WWDC 2015 Highlights

Another year, another WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference). It’s that time again when developers and journalists flock to San Francisco to participate in labs and talks about the latest well, developments in the Apple platform. But the biggest event, and possibly the one the world pays the most attention to; is the Keynote. Its draw is all the big announcements for the new software, hardware, and updates. But there’s a lot to take in, especially at this year’s event. Have no fear though, I’m here to talk about the highlights of the event. There are some thing that I’m going to not talk about like the News app, Apple Pay (still no Canadian release 😦  ), and Watch OS 2. You can find more on that stuff on Apple’s website.


El Capitan

If there’s one thing that I’ve enjoyed about the Mac OS X naming schemes post Mountain Lion is I’ve learned a ton about California landmarks and geography. But I digress. El Capitan is both a mountain in Yosemite and the latest Mac OS coming free this fall. The most exciting additions are the new split screen features (something that Windows users have been able to brag about for years), the ability mute specific tabs in safari, and further tools to organize your desktop more easily. Nothing mind-blowing, but nice tweaks that are free.

Speaking my Language

I should add that a feature that is being added to both iOS and Mac OS is the ability to use natural language to queries. So if you search spotlight or ask something Siri, you can do so now using natural language rather than the simplistic questions or commands that we’re used to issuing to our apple devices.


Multitasking on iOS

A much-desired feature that is now coming iOS 9 is the ability to multi-tasking. On iPads you’ll be able open apps simultaneously allowing for two apps to be viewable at the same time. On their most powerful iPad, the iPad air 2; you’ll actually be to work using two apps at the time. The difference is being to interact with both simultaneously rather than just view the two open apps. It’s a shame that you have to have the most powerful iPad to take advantage of this feature, but it’s a nice change of pace.


Apple Music 

Possibly what I thought was the biggest surprise was the introduction of Apple Music. Which will be their new subscription streaming service. This will include recommendations and a 24/7 radio station called Beats 1. It’s a bit more than just a rebranding of Beats Music, but only time will tell if the service makes a dent in the music streaming market. Based on the demos they have a solid product, but at 10 bucks a month I’ll have to wait and see whether or not I’d find it worthwhile. Though I think more people are focusing on Drake’s vintage Apple jacket, which is a really nice jacket.


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