Three Games That Need to be Remastered Right Now

When Grim Fandango Remastered was announced last year, I was excited beyond belief for two reasons. First, I would be able to play an updated version of one of my favourite games of all time. And second, I took it as a sign that the industry was willing to take a chance on titles that while critically successful weren’t commercially successful enough to be given a second chance at the time.

As I played through Grim Fandango again; now with (slight) graphical updates, I couldn’t help but think to myself of other titles that are definitely worth an HD remaster/remake. This would also be in keeping with the current industry trend as more and more classics like Homeworld are being given new life for a new generation. So below are the three games I would most like to be remade or remastered. Two of these games are true cult classics, while the other was popular back in the day and I think could use a fresh coat of paint. If you’re reading this years from now (2015) and these games have been remastered, you’re welcome, because obviously it was all me.

Jet Set Radio Future

The original Jet Set Radio had an HD release back in 2012 for the PS3 and Xbox 360, so really it should be a no brainer for the sequel to get a similar HD facelift. It probably wouldn’t even take that much effort, as the cell-shaded art style is one of the easiest to make look good and it ages very well. A prime example would be to look at The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD-remake for the Wii U. That game looked beautiful back on the Gamecube in 2003 and now looks even better in its remake. In addition, the added power of the Ps4 and Xbox One could mean a truly beautiful world for not only fans of the series to explore, but new players who probably over looked this title at the time.

Final Fantasy IX

If you mention the words “Final Fantasy” and “HD remake” in the same breath, chances are the roman numerals for seven are in there as well. Since the technical demo back in 2006, fans have begging Square to make an HD remake of the most beloved of all Final Fantasy titles. Now I’m going to be the black chocobo (sorry, not sorry) and say that if we were to pick a title to make HD it shouldn’t be VII, it should IX.

Technically FFIX did get a PSN port back in 2010, but with the updates made to X and X-2 it shows that remasters can be profitable for even the most popular of the Final Fantasy franchise. To me, IX is one the more under-rated titles in the series. Getting a HD Remaster or Remake would be great. Further reason to do it is the success of Bravely Default. Now while some may argue that the goal of Bravely Default was to create a Final Fantasy game that wasn’t Final Fantasy, it also shows that there is a demand for old-school JRPGs. What better way to that then remake the game that itself was an homage to the first six titles of its lineage. Make it happen Square… please.


Continuing the trend of “Tim Schaffer making games that while critically acclaimed don’t sell that well” is Psychonauts. I’m not going to into too much detail as anyone who’s a fan of the game probably shares my opinion on this. Aesthetically the game has aged very well, and with HD polish it could look amazing on the PS4 or Xbox One. If Grim Fandango was worthy of an HD remaster, then so is Psychonauts.

These are titles I’d like to see remastered, what games do you think deserve an update for the next generation? Feel free to comment what games you’d like to see remade, or if you’d like developers to stop remaking games and make something new.

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