E3 2015: Why You Should Be Excited

I can’t remember the last time I was this excited for E3. To be fair I’m always excited for it, but this year there are so many reasons why I’m getting giddy whenever someone says E3. For those of you who don’t follow gaming culture, the Electronic Entertainment Expo; other wise known as E3, is the biggest convention of the year for the gaming industry. Its the event where release dates are announced, new trailers are shown, hardware is revealed, games are played, and dreams are made (not so much the last one). In fact the only way you wouldn’t know about E3 is if you didn’t follow gaming culture, because the alternative is you living under rock at the bottom of the sea (hopefully next to a pineapple). But I digress.

There are some big things happening at this year’s show, several of which are new to this year. New press conferences are taking place, indie development is at an all time high, some new players are covering the event, and the no doubt the anticipation as whether or not all these rumours, predictions, and possible surprises are all true. So without further ado, here are the reasons why you should be excited for E3 2015.

Bethesda Press Conference

Perhaps one the most talked about things going into the expo is that Bethesda has a press conference the Sunday night before E3 on June 14th at 6:30PM PST/9:30PM EST. This will be their first conference at the show and the hype surrounding this event is astronomical. What’s even crazier is that they’ve teased or announced their largest titles in the weeks before E3. Doom 4 was teased in a practically blink-of-an-eye length teaser, and Fallout 4 was announced last week and we’ve been talking about it ever since. So what can we expect from this conference?

We know we’ll see Fallout 4 gameplay, we’ll probably see more of Doom 4, and we’ll probably get updates about Elder Scrolls Online. What I’m most excited about is the prospect of what we still don’t know, such as a release date or even games that haven’t been announced yet. I dare to dream that we may even get a teaser for Elder Scrolls VI. Is that likely? No, absolutely not. In fact, there’s the risk that we don’t see anything mind blowing apart from Fallout 4 gameplay. We’ve gotten announcements over the last several weeks that have thrown the pre-E3 news cycle for a loop, so it’s hard to say what we’ll really see at Bethesda’s presser, and that’s what’s so exciting.

Square Enix Press Conference

Another company that is holding a dedicated press conference for the first time, Square Enix will be showing off new titles and giving updates during the expo on June 16th at 10:00AM PST/1:00PM EST. Funnily enough, they had originally scheduled their conference to be at the same time as Nintendo’s Digital Direct event an hour earlier. But I think Square quickly realized you don’t compete with Mario when he’s talking.

Now, I’m super excited for this as I’m a huge Square Enix fan, but I’m also excited because of two things. One, is that the company has remained relatively tight lipped as to what we’ll see, so if that means that we’ll see tons of new IPs then I’m all for it. Two, compared to how they were even a few years ago Square is in a great place. Their games are doing well, they’re making solid business decisions (for the most part) and I think they’re finally seeing what the fans want and what works. Especially now that their global presence has grown considerably through their acquisition of Eidos years ago.

I’m kind of bummed that they’ve come out and said that we won’t be seeing more Final Fantasy XV until Gamescom in August, but I’m sure they’ll mention something. After all they did just update the FFXV demo with some pretty major content updates.

I can’t wait.

The Big 3

It goes without saying one of the primary reasons why people go to E3 is for the big 3. That is to say the events of Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. Microsoft is for once not starting the E3 chaos (Bethesda is) on June 15th at 9:00AM PST/12:00PM EST. Sony is showing on June 15th at 5:30PM PST/8:30PM EST. And finally, Nintendo is having their Nintendo Direct stream on June 16th at 9:00AM PST/12:00PM EST. There’s a ton than can be said and speculated about these conferences, so I’m really only going to focus on a key thing for each company.

Microsoft has said that their line up will be filled with games, most of which if the  rumours are true we’ve never seen before or very little of. I still don’t have an Xbox One and while I’ll get one eventually, I need Microsoft to give me a reason to yell “shut up and take my money”.

Sony has been doing very in console sales, so I’m excited but I’m hoping they don’t coast. I’m excited for what surprises we could get out of the conference, especially after last year’s Grim Fandango announcement. I’m not sure I’ll enjoy it if they spend a lot of time on Project Morpheus, but titles like Uncharted 4 and Tearaway: Unfolded I’m eager to see more of. Maybe even a new Supergiant Games title? One can hope.

And finally if this year’s Nintendo Direct is anything like last years, then Nintendo has already won in my mind. Every direct they’ve done has been fun and exciting, but their E3 directs have been something else entirely. You can watch last years for reference, but all you need to know is that they’re going to kick some major ass.

Youtube @E3

Youtube is playing major part in E3 coverage this year in conjunction with Rooster Teeth and several other youtube stars. While I’ll be watching multiple sources for coverage of the expo, I’m excited to see their take on it especially if channels like Game Grumps are playing games with their distinctive personalities.

They’ll also be showing off more of their recently announced Youtube Gaming platform, so it will be interesting to get more information on that.


As always there are tons of predictions, rumours, and speculations about what we’ll see over the next several days. The annual Last Guardian rumour train is at full steam once again and the heavily denied Silent Hills rumour might be actually be true based on everyone’s reactions. The reason why I say that might still be true is back in 2007; when Playstation Home was “only a rumour”, Sony denied it so bad that they blacklisted Kotaku. Turns out it was all true, and apologies were made.

If I had to make any predictions, it would be a Fallout 4 release date for this holiday season, we get a Bravely Second North American release date, and we get a new game from Supergiant Games. But really what I’m always the most excited about is what I don’t expect. Surprises are really the best bit of the show, and I’m sure we’ll get more surprises once the show starts actually starts.


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