Day 0 @E3 2015 : Top 5

After the craziness of Bethesda’s presser last night, it’s hard to imagine that there are four more days of jaw-dropping game announcements left for our enjoyment. Despite Fallout 4’s attempt to ruin any further excitement, Day 0 of E3 2015 was filled with several incredible announcements and gameplay trailers. Not only from Microsoft and Sony, but Ubisoft and EA as well. While not all of today’s conferences were a pleasure to watch (I’m looking at you EA), some were a blast to watch the whole way through (I’m looking at you Sony). There were several exciting moments at this year’s Pre-E3 conferences. Below are what I think are Top 5 moments of E3 2015 Day 0.

5. South Park: The Fractured But Whole (hahaha)

One of the funniest games in last several years, South Park: The Stick of Truth is getting a sequel in the form of a Superhero RPG. The game looks to be as hilarious as the last one and with an amazing title (the game, not the game’s title) under their belt, Ubisoft and South Park will hopefully have a great game on their hands. After all, as Cartman said himself “We won’t settle for less than a 9.5 on Gamespot!”

4. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

I loved the first game despite its flaws and was super excited back in 2013 when they announced another entry in the series. Not only did we get a gorgeous gameplay trailer, we also got a release date of February 23rd, 2016. Time to brush up on my parkour.

3. Star Wars Battlefront

After many doubts about the future of Star Wars Battlefront, we were blown away by an amazing gameplay trailer. The game looks stunning and the gameplay looks to be akin to the Battlefront that we know and love. Lightsabers, TIE Fighters, The frozen wasteland of Hoth, it all looks amazing.

2. Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

I said in my Pre-E3 post that I needed for Microsoft to give me a reason to get an Xbox One. Well now the list of excuses to not get one just got even shorter with backwards compatibility. With full Xbox One feature integration such as screenshot sharing and much more, this is a huge feature boost for the system and definitely has me thinking of scrapping my old 360. The details behind the service were a bit vague, but I’m sure more will become clear once we get closer to launch.

1. Pretty much the entirity of Sony’s E3 Press Conference

Words. Those are things that I wish I could use to describe the sheer brilliance of Sony’s E3 press conference. It’s almost not even fair putting this in the list as it really belong in its own. The fact that they included The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy VII remake, and  a Shenmue 3 kickstarter is enough to make your heart explode from happiness. Side note, the kickstarter for the game at the time of writing is at 750K of 2 Million. Madness. These are games that have desired by fans for years. It’s mind blowing.

On top of that the gameplay trailers of both their new IPs; Horizon Zero Dawn and Dreams, were just as beautiful and intriguing, further enforcing that good stuff appears to be on the way to PS4. Even with the relatively subpar Disney Infinity demo, it was still pretty damn close to perfect. Ending with absolutely amazing Uncharted 4 gameplay, I’m left dead from glee.

(Side note, the Disney Infinity guy is on something because no one is that chipper normally)

I’m probably going to have to write a separate post on the awesome stuff this event because there’s just so much. I thought Bethesda was only one who could pull a show-stopping conference this year. Sony has come pretty damn close, if not surpassed it.

There was other stuff too…

There were several other announcements that while exciting didn’t really blow me away. Gears 4 will be fun, but seems fairly generic of the Gears franchise. Halo 5: Guardians, Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, The Division, and Rainbow Six: Siege look awesome, but I expect them to be. With Day 0 come and gone, E3 officially starts tomorrow. I can’t wait for what else lies in store. I may not survive the week.

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