Steam Summer Sale Part 2: Cheap and Cheerful

Disclaimer: Prices are in CAD

It’s been almost a week since this year’s Steam Summer Sale started, and while the surge of sales is over for most us, many (myself included) are still hitting the refresh button when a new batch of titles go up for sale. The danger now is in the deal that is simply good too pass up. For most of the games I’ve bought since my last post, they were less known, some a little odd, but all games that I’ve been meaning to try for a while. My wallet may not be too happy, but when you can get 6 games for 30 bucks, it’s more than worth it.

Long Live the Queen

I’ll admit, I bought this game because of an episode of Rooster Teeth’s The Patch Game Club where they played this title. It seemed interesting and something I might pick up later. However, when the price was $2.19 a couple days ago, I couldn’t resist buying it.

Essentially a visual novel, you play as a Princess who must live 40 weeks to her coronation. Complete with assassination attempts, civil wars, and pink hair, Long Live the Queen seems like a fun deviation from my usual game choices. I’ve also heard that it’s a very difficult game and that lots of things can happen. Bring it on

Price – $2.19

Please Don’t Touch Anything

What appears to be a cross between Stanley Parable and Papers, Please!Please Don’t Touch Anything involves the player either not pressing buttons or pressing them. With multiple endings (wait what?), I’m definitely going to be playing it over and over again to see what I can find. It seems like a funny game and it was a real steal.

Price – $2.74

Grow Home

I’m going to let the trailer do the talking. Because I don’t even know where to begin, but I want to play it.

Price – $4.99

The Banner Saga

An epic tactical RPG, The Banner Saga is set the world of vikings and combines difficult decisions with fun gameplay. The sequel was just announced at this year’s E3, so I definitely need to play this before that comes out.

Price – $5.49

Talos Principle

Considered by many to be one of the best games to come out last year, Talos Principle is a puzzle game similar to Portal and Myst in concept, but expands on it in a number of ways. Dealing with some very interesting philosophical subjects as well as complex puzzles, I’m super excited to play this title. And when you can get it at a great discount, it really makes the purchase just as satisfying.

Price – $14.95

There’s only a few more days left in the sale, so we’ll see how much more I’ll buy by the end. You’ll definitely see a part 3 in this series. I’m hoping that they’ll do something big for the last days of the sale. My wallet is hoping otherwise.


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