Steam Summer Sale Part 3: Damage Report

Disclaimer: Prices are in CAD

As we come to the end of another Steam summer sale, it’s time to review the damage done (money-wise) and do one last haul overview. While I may have gotten a ton of games for some great prices, tallying up my receipts shows that fiancees took a serious hit. Even in the last couple days, I managed to buy some new games. Interestingly enough a couple of the games I purchased are games I’ve played before, but either on different systems or with friends. Usually I don’t buy games again, but when you realize you don’t actually own a pc copy of Fallout 3 and it costs $2.75, you can’t say no. No I’m not in denial, shut up. Below are the last games I purchased in this sale.

Shovel Knight

An indie homage to 8-bit games in both style and difficulty, Shovel knight is probably going to both tons of fun and make me want to throw my keyboard into my monitor. You play as the titular shovel knight in worlds inspired by MegaMan and other classics of the 8-bit era. The game is very difficult, to say the least. Hope I don’t rage quit.

Price – $11.38 

BattleBlock Theatre

BattleBlock Theatre is made by The Behemoth, the same mad geniuses behind Castle Crashers.  What can simply be described as a chaotic platformer, you play a prisoner on an island of cats forced to participate in “theatre”. Drowning, exploding frisbees, and spikes, are just some of what you face in attempt to escape the island.

Price – $1.69

Life is Strange

After immensely enjoying play-through of the first two Tales From the Borderlands episodes, I picked up the entire season of Life is Strange. While I’ve heard that it isn’t good as other episodic games; specifically the games made by Telltale Games, I’ve also heard that the series has gotten better over the last few episodes. I’ve been wanting to play this for a while, so I’m looking forward to finally playing this

Price – $17.59

Damage Done

So if I add up all the games I bought, I find that I bought 18 games for approximately 150 bucks. Which on average is about $8.33 per game.  While a great bargain in the big picture, it still does go to show that Steam sales can still make your wallet cry. It seems that I bought a really cheap games this year, which means that I’m not wasting my money on larger games that I’m not playing. With that said, some of the games I bought might not have been as good a value as it used to be. Such is the nature game sales. Perhaps I’ll find next year I’ll again have no reason spend any money at all. But with the way these sales go, I doubt that.


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