A Bit-Sized Review: Lava

After recently watching Inside Out again, I realize an aspect of the film I didn’t discuss  in my review is the short film that precedes it. Since you sometimes can’t talk a lot about a short film, I figure this review will be on the shorter side. This is especially true since Lava is incredibly simple in its premise, even by short film standards.

Lava follows the story of a lone volcano out in the middle of the ocean looking for someone to “lava”. The pun on love kind, not the intense fire and death kind. Pixar shorts and films have dealt with giving life and love to lifeless objects before, but never on this scale. But in order to make it compelling they’ve essentially created a glorified music video. That doesn’t mean it has no heart however. Even in seven minutes you’re taken on a journey from seeking love, to almost losing all hope, and then to finding it. Sorry, I meant seeking “lava”.


While the animation is itself isn’t particularly mind blowing (it still looks good), the song is incredibly catchy. It’s played by the director, James Ford Murphy, on ukulele and sung by  Kuana Torres Kahele and Napua Greig. It’s simple, pure, and heart warming. You may find yourself singing out loud even after leaving the theatre. I know I have. You can find tons of covers of it on youtube, but you can also buy it on iTunes.

Even though Lava isn’t a particularly spectacular, it’s still an adorable piece that makes you feel all warm inside. Warm inside from the lava, metaphorically speaking of course.

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