Do You Even Use the Force, Bro?

Normally when I’m at the gym with my personal trainer, we don’t really talk about much apart from what exercises we’ll be doing. We occasionally talk about movies or TV shows that we’re watching, but it’s all chit chat as I try to focus on doing yet another set. So when we recently spent most of a session talking about Star Wars, it wasn’t only a surprise, I it was worth blogging about.

My workout started like every leg day. I was at the squat rack ready to do my first set. However, as I was doing my squats he said,

“Once you’re done, tell me who you think should play young Han Solo in the new origin movie they’ve announced.”

I’m not going to lie that I was so surprised by his comment that I almost stopped doing my set before I finished. It’s not so surprising that he like Star Wars; a lot of people do, but the fact that he decided that this was what we were going to discuss between sets today was kind of surreal. I set down the bar after completed my set and stupidly replied, “uh, I don’t know” Good one James.

He laughed and proposed some ideas for actors that we thought may or may not be good. Ultimately we couldn’t agree on one, as none of the ones we thought of seemed right. Turns out my personal trainer is such a huge Harrison Ford fan that he thinks that no one will do it well. Honestly, I thought that my idea of Anton Yelchin wasn’t such a terrible one. Even if he is already tied to Star Trek.

From there we moved on to discussing the trailers and details that had been released so far. In fact the most memorable part of this whole exchange occurred when he asked me what I was most excited for in the upcoming movies.

“Anything that involves and X-Wings or TIE Fighters” I said

“Ah Yes!” he exclaimed “Any part in particular that you thought was cool?” he asked with excitement

“Uhm that part where they’re flying over water?” I replied

TFA Screencap 13 - Desert

At this point he just smiles and laughs loudly “Exactly! Hands down the best parts of the trailers!” He then proceeds to gush for about 5 minutes about how the dog fights are going make or break the film, crazy lightsaber designs be damned.

Like I said, the whole experience was a bit… odd. On the one hand it was very nice to be discussing about something other than workouts and schedules. And yet it was an odd surprise that Star Wars would be the subject of conversation. Hopefully it’s the start of more conversations like that.  I also hope that this is a sign that I’ll be able to use the force to lift weights at the gym soon. But I doubt that’s the skill I’m looking for.

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