Summer Madness 2015: I’m Not Sleeping For a Month

This is probably the most “bloggy” post I’ve ever written. Can we make “bloggy” an actual word? Who do I call at the oxford english dictionary.

Anyway, I think it’s only just started to hit me how packed the next month for me is. From now to August 14th; if you do the math that’s about 5 weeks, I am doing things that don’t involve enjoying “me” time. Over the years (especially since moving to Toronto) I’ve gotten better about being more social and getting out more, but the next month will definitely be a “social” experiment in its own right.

Where to start?


Next weekend I’ll be going to an event here in Toronto called Toronto Unconventional. For those who aren’t in the Rooster Teeth Community, there used to be an event called RvB TO which was the big RT fan event before it stopped in 2012. Toronto Unconventional is essentially the next version. I’m super excited to go and meet new people, but also terrified. Especially since I’ll be on the same plane to Austin with several of these people two weeks later. No pressure to make a good impression or anything. We’ll see how this flies. Nothing like geek culture to bring people together, it’s a great equalizer.

After that my Mum is visiting for the weekend and crashing at my place. This will basically be the “high culture” weekend. Art galleries, museums, and art house cinema, it’s going to be great. Despite the lack of time to play video games.


And then the real vacation begins. Osheaga 2015 followed by almost a week in Austin for RTX 2015. While I’ve been to Osheaga before; this will be my 3rd time, I’ve never been to RTX. Let alone an event of its size. The closest I’ve been to is Anime North and that’s no where near the same scale. A few years ago maybe, but still it’s gonna be crazy, awesome, and once again terrifying. Well hopefully not terrifying, we’ll see how my social anxiety handles everything. My plan is to write a pre-RTX post and blogging about my trip while I’m in Austin. What have I gotten myself into.

Image Credits: Tim Poon, Platform Nation
Image Credits: Tim Poon, Platform Nation

Gotta be brave, James.

So that’s everything happening on weekends, that doesn’t include work, gym time, D&D sessions, fighting crime, and sleep during the weekend. Hell I don’t think I’ll be sleeping much this month.


Totally worth it.

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