Austin and RTX Part 2: Lines, Lines, Lines… (But the Good Kind)


After a couple awesome days exploring Austin, it was time for RTX! While I had an idea of what I wanted see, I really had no idea what I was going to expect. Sure there were panels that I was going to try really hard to get into, but I knew that whatever I was going to see was going to be great.

RWBY Panel

So funny thing about getting into popular RTX panels, you have to get there early. Like, really early. Officially RTX has a policy where attendees can only line up for a panel an hour before it starts. The only problem with that policy is that in order to make sure you get a spot in line for the panel, you ultimately end up waiting in line for the line… for the line for the panel. If you only wanted to go to panels, RTX’s slogan would probably be “I hope you like lines!”. With incredibly popular panels like RWBY or the RT Podcast, people get there hours before the panel starts.I got to the Hilton; the venue of the panel, about two hours before the panel was supposed to start. There were already hundreds of people waiting in line in the building. A couple minutes after I’d arrived we were kicked out of the Hilton as we’d become a fire hazard. Luckily, my perseverance and clear disregard for fire safety codes meant that I was able to get into one of the main panels I’d wanted to see.

The panel was awesome. We were treated to scenes and art from Volume 3, and some new trailers for the Japanese premiere of RWBY and the currently under development RWBY game by Rooster Teeth’s new game department. But perhaps the most beautiful part of the panel and the place I went to immediately after was the Monty Oum memorial. When Monty died earlier this year, we all felt a great loss. But at the same time it’s amazing to see the inspiration he’s instilled in so many of us, myself included. When we had our moment of silence for Monty, there was no cheers, no outburts in attempt to funny. We were a community who took a moment to say thank you and goodbye once again to someone who we still miss dearly. We love you Monty.

Convention Floor

After leaving the RWBY Panel and visiting the Monty Oum memorial, I made my way to get some lunch on the convention floor. While the lines for the hot food stands were ridiculous, lines for the salads and cold sandwiches were nonexistent. So pro-tip, at RTX you can eat healthy and not spend a lot of time doing it. The chef salad I had was quite tasty too. Anyway, food isn’t the main thing you want to see while you’re on the floor, you’re here for all the cool stuff.

The three things I did on the floor on day 1 were the Behemoth booth to play their new game, Watch Achievement Hunter play Prop Hunt on the Center stage with hundreds of other fans, and buy even more RT swag.

While Prop Hunt was awesome and the exclusive RTX swag I got from the store was a must for any con attendee, Behemoth’s booth; where you could play Pit People, was an absolute blast. Every game they have churned out has been a ton of fun, but Pit People I think will be the game I’ll enjoy the most of them all. A strategy game similar to that of Fire Emblem but with Behemoth’s wonderful and hilarious writing is now one of my most anticipated games. The fact that I got to play it in a really sweet arcade set up made the experience even better. So can you get the game out now Behemoth? PLEASE?!?!

Cards Against Humanity Panel

After trying to get into a panel but being told the line was capped an hour and a half before it was supposed to start, I decided to chill in my hotel room for a bit before trying to get into the last panel I wanted to see, the Cards Against Humanity panel. While I was once again in line for a line for a panel, I managed to meet up with some new friends I’d made the day before and bonded with them over what we’d seen so far. Eventually we got into the panel hall are were treated to quite a show. Now while it might seem odd for a bunch of people to just watch some famous Youtubers play CAH, it really is a ton of fun. Mostly because the game is so entertaining (and inappropriate) to watch even if you’re not playing, it doesn’t really matter how you participate. Plus, there was this attendee who had brought a giant penguin plushie with him and would raise occasionally. He would later become well known in panels as “The Penguin”. Well done sir, well done.

Dinner and Drinks with New Friends

After the panel we made our way to Eureka for dinner and drinks. Eureka is probably one of my favourite places to eat in Austin now, simply because of their craft beer selection and they have one of the best burgers I have ever eaten. If you ever end up at Eureka, you have to try the Napa burger, it’s just that good.


When I finally got back to my hotel room after a crazy first day, I couldn’t help but wonder what the rest of the convention had in store for me. I was having a blast, and couldn’t wait for more.

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