Austin and RTX Part 3: Saturday Morning Cartoons


While there was a lot of fun stuff going on the floor and in the city of Austin, my 2nd day at RTX was slightly more low key than the day before. This is partially because I didn’t go to either of the large morning panels; RVB and Achievement Hunter, and most of my friends were either at other panels I didn’t really want to go see or were still passed out from yesterday’s activities. I wandered the con floor again, getting to see some interesting stuff, such as Griffon’s carving of the Achievement Hunter Logo. I also got a photo of a sweet halo group cosplay, most of which I believe are a part of the 405th infantry division.

DSC_0247But I did get to what could be considered one of the largest gatherings of people just to watch Saturday Morning Cartoons. I’m of course talking about the X-Ray and Vav Panel. Getting into the line for the panel was as interesting as the RWBY panel from the day before. at first I saw what appeared to be a mob of a thousand people storm the Austin Hilton. At least that’s what it looked like from across the street. Initially I thought that I was going to get in, but I think after they dispersed the crowd twice, people got scared and therefore didn’t go. As I waited in line I ended up meeting some fellow Canadian RTXers who I’d yet to meet, one of whom was the sister of one of the guys who created Starwhal. I’d had no idea that the team was Canadian and thought that was really cool. Again, we did the usual pleasantries of what we’d seen so far. Also, what streetpass puzzles we were missing, because conventions are great for streetpass and nothing is more annoying than meeting people who don’t have puzzle pieces (#nerdworldproblems). Eventually, we got inside and were treated to quite the show.

Not only did we get to watch the episode that was released the day of the panel, but we also got to see the next episode a week before it was released. At the time of writing both episodes are available to the general public, however it still feels awesome to get an exclusive premiere before everyone else. Not to mention there’s nothing more satisfying than watching a show with hundreds of other people who enjoy something just as much as you do. Overall the panel was awesome, the questions and fans were great and we learned a lot about how the show was made.


For the rest of the day I just chilled and enjoyed the show floor. I tried to get into a panel I really wanted to see, but it was capped TWO hours before I could get in line for it. It wasn’t even supposed to be one of the big panels, oh well. Eventually I met up with friends for dinner and drinks. Best part of the night was when we watched the world go by on 6th street, attempting to figure who were the locals, RTXers, and normal tourists.

Overall the 2nd day was another fantastic day, and no mattered what happened next I was having a great time in Austin.

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