Blog Update: New Stuff for September


So as August draws to a close, I realize that this blog has sort of fallen to the wayside. I know that I’ve still been writing posts, but the trip to Montreal and Austin combined and the general lack of motivation to pursue my hobbies has meant that I’m a little unhappy with the way this month’s posts have turned out. Nothing particularly bad, but nothing good either. I’m hoping I can blame it on the fact even though 80% of my cold symptoms are gone, there’s still that residual 20% that won’t leave me alone. But as summer comes to an end and things finally start picking up again in September, I hope that I too will start to feel more engerized.

With that said, I’m definitely going to make it a goal for next month to not only blog more but to be more active in general. Taking a “month off” is fine, but really in the end I just feel lazy and not so great about myself. So enough of that, it’s time to get my act together and do more. Now, while the title says “New Stuff for September”, I actually have no idea what that means. But there’s a lot coming up that should be exciting.


Here in Toronto we have TIFF, the Toronto International Film Festival, and I had a blast last year. I’m excited to see more fantastic films this year. Last year, I saw The Imitation Game and The Tale of Princess Kaguya, both awesome films. I saw others as well but those definitely stand out. Now I’ll have to bank on actually getting tickets to what I want to see this years, but even waiting in rush line for tickets at 6am was kind of fun. Either way, you’ll definitely see some posts about that.

Then following that the Tokyo Game Show is on later in the month and I can’t wait for all those big announcements (More info on Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III please). Definitely looking forward to the next month.


If you guys have been reading my stuff I just wanted to say thank and sorry for what I feel is underwhelming writing, but I hope you’ll be around to read some cool stuff next month.

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