After School Special: Top 3 Games with School Settings

Summer is over. Which means that it’s time to head back to school. If you’re like me and are long past your school days, you might look back at it with some form of nostalgia. However, that nostalgia turns to relief when you realize you don’t have to do it again. Going to school is a pain for most of us. For one reason or another, school can either fill you elation or absolute dread. If you’re anything like me, after the homework is all done there’s nothing like playing video games to escape the doldrums of school life. However, sometimes it’s school that can set the stage for some fantastic games. The following games on this list all have a school setting in common. Some are a little more grounded in reality than the others, but all make school seem like a fun, if not deadly, place to be. With final exams and final bosses in tow, lets go through the top 3 games with school settings.

Persona 3


You how when you were younger there’d be those rumours about your school being haunted. Well imagine that except your school turns into a labyrinth from hell every night. That’s what the students of Gekkokan High are faced with in Persona 3. You play the role of the protagonist; you name them yourself, who joins a group of fellow student who fight Shadows using summonable monsters know as Personas. But just because you’re fighting evil every other night doesn’t mean you get out of doing school work. One of the beauties of the Persona franchise is it’s blend of school-life balance with traditional JRPG combat. Persona 3 gets special mention as it’s main dungeon is the school itself. They were right in saying that school is a scary place. If you enjoy this one, its sequel Persona 4 is also a fantastic game in its own right.

Final Fantasy VIII


While not as school heavy as the other games on the list, the cadets of Balamb Garden Academy still have a lot to learn as they’re faced with saving the world. Squall and friends’ school work is a little more heavy on magic and weapons, but the story sometime plays more like a high school drama than a fantasy epic. One of the more underrated titles in the franchise, Final Fantasy VIII brings together the great gameplay and story that the series is known for with a high school romance twist. It stands out in the series as being unique, even by Final Fantasy standards.




From the brilliant minds of Rockstar, the  creators of Grand Theft Auto series, Bully is an open-world game set at a boarding school in the fictional town of Bullworth. You play the role of Jimmy Kopkins, a new student at Bullworth Academy. Through missions and mini-games you meet the games colourful cast of students and teachers. There’s a lot to do in Bully, making it a fantastic game to sink time into. If only school was always this fun. 

While our schools might not be as fun as these three, at least when you’re for the day you can play in these ones.

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