Tickets to a World Premiere and More at TIFF 2015


218. That’s how many customers were in front of me when I logged in at 9am sharp. It’s when individual tickets became available to the general public. Now, 218 users in front of me in a virtual line might seem extreme, and yet that would have been considered lucky as friends of mine who were attempting the same thing would end up 5078th in line. Not to mention that because Patrons and attendees with ticket packages had already selected their films, ticket availability was sparse to say the least. While there are tons of films and shorts to see at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, the ones that everyone wants to go see are always the most difficult to purchase tickets for. But, while I haven’t managed to acquire tickets for The Martian or The Lobster; films that were on the top of my list, I was lucky enough to get tickets to a number of films I wanted to see, including a world premiere.

Eye in The Sky

What promises to be a tense thriller dealing with drones and difficult decisions, Eye in The Sky looks to be an exciting title at this year’s festival. I was lucky enough to get tickets for myself and some friends to the world premiere. I’m a little flabbergasted myself, as I’ve never been to a world premiere before, but this is exciting stuff. One of my friends is especially to see the stars of the film, and there are quite a few.

The film has an incredible cast: Helen Mirren, Alan Rickman, Aaron Paul, Barkhad Abdi, and Iain Glen. The director on the other hand has had a not so stellar track record, with Ender’s Game and X-Men Origins: Wolverine under his belt. But we’ll soon find out if this film will be a critical darling or a missed opportunity.

The Lady in the Van


An adaptation of Alan Bennet’s play, the story of The Lady in the Van is one that I look forward to seeing. A woman living in a van stayed in Alan Bennet’s driveway for 15 years. The idea alone has me excited for what I’m about to watch. I feel that if I’d seen the play, it would have taken away some of the magic, so I look forward to seeing what the outstanding Maggie Smith brings to this role and story that until now I’d never heard of.

Short Cuts Programme 7


A series of short films, the program contains an interesting array of titles that I don’t even have a full grasp of. A mixture of live action and animation, this is one of many short film showcases at the festival. I’m a huge fan of short films, so I’m eager to see these, including a new film from an animator who’s short film A Single Life stole my heart last year.

Yakuza Apocalypse


When one thinks of Takashi Miike, several things can come to mind. One is disturbing imagery, the other might be insanity. So when I saw the trailer for Yakuza Apocalypse,I got what appeared to be the same kind of insanity combined with odd Shaun of the Dead overtones. A self-described action fantasy yakuza vampire film, Yakuza Apocalypse looks to be a colourful, violent, and exciting film to end my TIFF 2015 experience. Oddly, it’s one of the films I’m the most excited to see, partially because I enjoy Miike’s works (not sure what that says about me), but it’s definitely the most action packed film on my list.

There may be other films I get to see this year. But if I only see these at this year’s TIFF, I think I’ll have had a pretty good festival at the end of it.

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