Blog Update: Onward to October


I’ll keep this brief, but simply put I’ve had a lot of fun with the blog this past September.

I may be a bit biased, but TIFF is one the best perks of being in Toronto, especially if you’re a fan of film. I wrote lots of reviews for the films I saw at this year’s festival. I ended up seeing Eye in the Sky, The Lady in the Van, a short film compilation and Yakuza Apocalypse. Feel free to read them if you haven’t already.

There’s nothing really set in stone for next month, but with Halloween on the way I’m sure we’ll get some posts about horror films and games up. After all it’s a genre I love. Maybe I’ll placate the fear with some cheesy adorableness from Yoshi’s Wolly World. Or finally get an Xbox One for Halo 5. I still have to beat Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain too… maybe finish that first.

I’d make a joke about how I hope to hit October running, but then I’d be reminded of the 5K I’m supposed to run in a few weeks. Back to training!

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