Why the New Star Trek TV Series Has Already Gone Wrong


Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, but it is possible to be both excited about something and worried about it at the same time. These conflicting feelings are common, especially with the continuing trend of bringing old franchises back in the form of reboots and spinoffs. So when it was announced that Star Trek would be coming back to TV, I was both immediately excited and skeptical. But as I read more and more about the project, the excitement began to wane slightly as the concern and skepticism grew. There several reasons to be worried about the new series, regardless of whether or not you’re a fan of the franchise.

Without even getting into what sparse plot details we have, the distribution method alone is disconcerting. CBS Television Studios might bringing the show to fans, but it’s going to be only shown through their Netflix competitor program “All Access”. Why can’t they just put it on TV like sane people if they’re even bothering to go through a major network. Not to mention that the show is currently slated to be viewable for US residents only. Of course people will pirate the show but it’s the principle that bothers me. It’s like they have completely ignored the success of Netflix-exclusive shows and have taken a step backwards in terms of digital television distribution. Side note, this is another example of the Canadians getting screwed over despite our proximity to the states.

And I would go into why the premise isn’t that promising, but we don’t even have much of that. All we do know is that Alex Kurtzman is executive producer; whose track record is a bit hit and miss, and that it doesn’t have anything to do with the third reboot movie. On the one hand I’m ok with having it be unrelated to the films, but on the other starting from scratch could backfire as there’s a risk that the “original cast” will merely be a rehash of tropes and stereotypes to appease fans. We won’t have Spock, but we’ll get someone else who is essentially Spock.

Though it isn’t super fair of me to be so judgemental this soon after the announcement. Only time will tell if the show will be any good, and it is early days as well. The show isn’t expected to air until 2017. I’ll still watch it, but forgive if I’m not jumping for joy at the prospect of Star Trek coming back to TV.

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