Blog Update: Not Much for November (Except Fallout 4)


If you live in the states, November has Thanksgiving and lining up at 4am for Black Friday sales. If you’re like me and live in Canada, November is an odd month.  As much as Black Friday has tried to become a thing here, November has essentially become the “pre-christmas” month before December. We do have Remembrance Day, but you don’t exactly get happy about a day meant to commemorate the sacrifices our war dead and veterans. It’s a somber occasion and with good reason.  So while I’d normally write things that will be happening this month, I don’t really have anything to talk about. Such is the month of November.

Mind you, Fallout 4 is coming out this month. So I know where most of my spare time is going in a few weeks. I’ve managed to avoid reading about the recent Fallout 4 leak as I want to not spoil my experience when I finally pick up the game. Since I didn’t get the Pip-Boy Edition, I’m not going to preorder and just pick it up after it comes out. Not to mention I still need to beat Metal Gear Solid V. I seem to have a terrible track record with beating games lately. Perhaps I can rectify that this month.

Also there are lots of movies that were at this year’s TIFF that are finally getting released, so you’ll probably see some reviews of those here on the blog. In any case, who knows what will happen this month.

Stay tuned!

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