Everyone Needs to Calm Down About Final Fantasy VII


I’m excited about Final Fantasy VII Remake, but let’s just take a moment and be rational for a second shall we?

When the title was announced back at E3 2015, the internet (and myself) had one particular reaction. Square Enix took note and when they showed off their latest trailer at this past weekend’s PlayStation Experience they weren’t afraid to remind everyone how we kind of lost our cool.

But a couple days later it was revealed through a press release that the game wasn’t going to be released all at once, but rather in multiple parts. I don’t have a problem with this, but apparently I didn’t get the memo on how outraged I’m supposed to be over this “travesty” of an announcement. While the internet has always been known for its knack of only highlighting the loudest rather than the majority, I can’t help but feel that there are a lot of people genuinely upset over this.

I also can’t help but feel that everyone needs to make like blizzard and chill (I’m not apologizing for that). Here’s why.

For starters, it is way too early to tell what kind of impact this is going to have on the final product. It’s also too early to declare that the game is going to be garbage and that Square Enix is ruining the game. As terrible as it might be for some people when the developers make claims that “this is to add as much detail to the game as possible”, you have to take their word for it. You don’t have to be skeptical or cynical about it; you can just be happy the damn game is being made and accept what Square’s plans are.

On a slightly related note, a Kotaku commenter made an excellent point that the original FFVII came out on four discs. If they called the parts “discs” I’d be thrilled.

Second, as excited I am for the game the reality is that we have to keep in mind that they’re not making the game just for us. As hard as it is for lots of gamers to imagine, game development is a business, and if you’re going to survive as a business, then you need to make money. There are those who’ll say they’re greedy or what not for doing that, but despite our demands for this game since 2006 we really should be thanking them for what they’re hopefully going to bring us. There are about five other Final Fantasy games that I wish got this treatment, but they’re not FFVII, so I just have to deal with it.


There’s a lot more I could say, like how people are complaining about the combat (seriously? it’s 2015, not 1995), but I think I’ve said what’s needed to be said. I know there are plenty of rational people out there who despite any misgivings they have over the announcement are willing to be patient as more details are unveiled. But as always, we need to chill.

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