Most Anticipated Games of 2016 – Bits by Brereton Edition


While I may be trying to catch up on games from the last five years year, 2016 has a lot in store for us no matter what kind of gamer you are. I’ve certainly commented on the number of JRPGs that are expected to be released this year, but there are many more titles to get excited about. While I could write a ridiculously long list, I’ve decided to narrow it down to the games that I can’t wait to come out this year. Here are my most anticipated games of 2016.


One of the most intriguing games of the year is coming out this week (to be specific less than four days), I’m excited to play it. Oxenfree is an adventure game where you control high school senior Alex as she along with her new step-brother Jonas attempt to figure out the mysterious occurrences of the island that She and her friends have decided to spend the night as per high school tradition. From the incredible art design to the neat dialogue choice mechanic there’s a lot to be excited about. As Polygon put it:

Oxenfree is a mix of Freaks and Geeks, Poltergeist and the best teen films of the ’80s

The game is out on January 15th, 2015


Don’t worry love, cavalry’s here! From those words in the original Overwatch announcement trailer, I’ve been eagerly waiting to play what seems to Pixar meets Team Fortress 2. Almost very character is one that I want to try at least once before I settle on my play style. While I can only hope to get into the beta (Blizzard, if you’re reading, please make this happen), I won’t have to wait too long to pick it up for my PC and kick butt with a gun that shoots singularities. Seriously that’s a thing.

The game is available for pre-order and should be released sometime this year.

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst

The long awaited successor to cult-classic Mirror’s Edge, Catalyst is shaping up to be a major improvement to the foundations laid in the first game. I was a huge fan of the games’ minimalistic aesthetic, and it’s a joy to see that they’ve expanded upon that without oversaturating the world in colour. That alone makes me want to play, but the amazing parkour and first-person combat seems to have been refined as well which should make for a sublime experience.

Originally expected to come out in February 2016, the game is now scheduled to be released May 24th, 2016.

Final Fantasy XV

As of this coming July, it will have been ten years since XV was announced initially as Versus XIII. But it seems like we may be finally getting our hands on the game. The demo was a blast to play last year so at least we know that there’s substance to a potential release date. In fact, there’s an event in March to announce the release date. That’s crazy. There’s only so many times I can play the others (Currently playing FFX again) to fill the void.

There’s still a ton we don’t know about the next installment in the main Final Fantasy series, but we hopefully won’t have to wait too much longer.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

After being announced at last year’s E3, I’m eager to see what Horizon: Zero Dawn has in store for us. Supposed to be released this year, we’ll just have to wait for us to be able to hunt robot dinosaurs. Here’s hoping it happens.

Persona 5

The other big JRPG expected to come out this year; There’s not a lot we know about the premise of Persona 5. But part of the fun is exploring the unbelievable world that Atlus had inevitably come up with for us to play in. While there isn’t a firm release date, Summer 2016 is the new estimate as to when we’ll be able to summon our true selves and work on our Social Links.

Also, if they tie in Persona 3 and Persona 4 somehow, I’d like that Atlus.

No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is in a way the biggest enigma on this list. The game promises an incomprehensibly vast universe for us to explore, but it’s hard to imagine what we’re going to do in. Sure they’ve told us, but in a game this big, it’s difficult to wrap your head around sometimes. But it’s that mystery that also makes No Man’s Sky one of the most anticipated games of the year.

These are the games I’m the most excited about, but there are a lot more that could have been included in this list. 2016 is looking to be a fantastic year to be a gamer, what games are you excited for?



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