Fire Emblem Fates Might Kill Me (And That’s Okay)

Disclaimer: For some people gaming addiction is a serious, life-destroying issue. This post is written from the perspective of someone who enjoys video games but only lets it destroy him on weekends. While there are a lot of video game franchises that I love, there are a few that are slightly more addicting, to say the … More Fire Emblem Fates Might Kill Me (And That’s Okay)

100 Blog Posts Later

I knew that this milestone was coming up, but in typical Bits by Brereton style, I managed to not do anything special for the 100th blog post. I’m reminded of when I realized that my 1000th tweet was pretty unspectacular. I merely said to myself “Dammit, well I guess I’ll have to do something special for the … More 100 Blog Posts Later

The Oscars 2016: Short Film (Animated) Reviews

One of the best parts of film awards season is being able to see some of the nominees that didn’t get traditional theatrical releases. In particular, the films in the short film categories. Usually, short films are only seen during the film festival circuit or are released through means that don’t allow them to get lots … More The Oscars 2016: Short Film (Animated) Reviews