Blog Update: And the Oscar Goes to…


Hello Again! Just thought I’d write a quick update post for this month.

While I have more time to write I don’t have much to talk about, other than you should expect to see more posts here. I do have some ideas, but nothing concrete.

Rhe Oscar’s are coming up so you can expect some posts about that or rather a post about my thoughts on the Academy as a whole. For once I’ve seen all the best picture nominees and in general, most of the films nominated for awards this year, so I feel oddly invested in who wins what. That and I’m actually in an Oscar pool this year, so I do have something to gain (or lose) based on my predictions. It will be difficult to pick as I saw some incredible films this season and enjoyed them all in one way or another. Except the ones that were bad, I did not enjoy them.

But apart from films I’m trying to catch up on some gaming that I haven’t done for the last month. I’m still replaying Final Fantasy X, and I would be playing more PC titles but I kind of downloaded something I shouldn’t have, and now my computer is riddled with malware. Rookie mistake I know but these things happen. So I’ll be reformating my PC soon, but you really should reformat your machine every couple years to improve performance, so it’s not all bad. In terms of new titles Fire Emblem Fates is out on the 19th, and I’m incredibly excited to play it. I’ll certainly be writing some stuff on that here.

I hope you stick around for whatever I deem worthy enough to write about.

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