Blog Update: Catching up on Video Games


Hello, Internet.

Since it’s now March, I’ve decided to write another update as to what you can expect here on Bits by Brereton. For starters, since the Oscars are over and there aren’t any films at the moment I’m rushing to see, I’ve decided to catch up on all the games that I’ve meant to play. I finished Fire Emblem Fates Birthright last weekend and had recently started playing the next game Conquest. However before I started playing that, I decided to play all Life is Strange and am thinking about writing an editorial on that. Or maybe on episodic games in general, we’ll see. Plus, my copy of the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD is in the mail and am looking forward to playing a Zelda title that I have some pretty strong mixed feelings about.

Now you may be asking why I would pay for a game that I didn’t enjoy the first time I played it. The reason being that I loved a lot of different aspects of Twilight Princess, but the factor that held me back from fully enjoying the title was the terrible Wii controls. I’ve never been a fan of motion controls as I’m uncoordinated as hell, and Twilight Princess’ controls were simply put, not fun. A classic controller control scheme and hopefully streamlined gameplay experience are enough to buy a copy. Plus I’ll finally own an amiibo with the Wolf Link figurine that comes with the game. It will probably be the only one I own, and hopefully not the start of my descent into bankruptcy to collect Amiibos. Anyway, expect more on that.

As for anything else, I’ll write it as it comes to me. GDC is coming up and I’m sure we’ll have lots to talk about there. Also, yesterday’s Nintendo Direct had some things; both good (new Paper Mario, new Kirby) and bad (Star Fox Zero doesn’t have me convinced), that I want to discuss.

Hopefully, I’ll get around to writing it all this time.

Thanks for reading!

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