Everyone’s a Food Critic


Duck Confit Carbonara & Poached Egg (Stratus Restaurant)


“Do you even eat?” My Dad asks as I take another picture of my dinner. If you follow my twitter account, then you may have noticed a surge of posts (well, more frequent than usual) from a second Instagram account. This second account is called jimmy.chews (It’s a pun, GET IT?!) and it’s all about food. Side note: I wanted to get just jimmychews, but some chick name Rachel has it and is not even using it for the right reasons. And then there’s jimmy.chew, which is a foodie Instagram account run by 3 girls in LA. So clearly they’re all just thieves since I’m actually a jimmy. But I digress.


Eggs Benny with Smoked Salmon, Lemon and Black Currant Scones with Plum Jam and Clotted Cream (Mildred’s Temple Kitchen)


Now I’ve posted food pictures to my main Instagram account, blackhatjim, before, but last week while going through a week of several trips to eat out I decided that I needed a dedicated place for all my foodie adventures. So far it’s been of restaurants I’ve been excited to try here in Toronto (including a birthday dinner at my expense that cost so much that you’d faint if I told you). My passion for eating doesn’t overlap at all with my love of geek culture and movies, but it does use the same sharing platform that I’ve become addicted to over the years: the Internet.


Chicken Pot Pie (The Gabardine)


Now, I don’t think I’m eloquent enough to articulate my thoughts on the matter fully, but I’m not doing anything original by posting lots of pictures of food with coloured filters. In fact, with the advent of Instagram and Yelp, there’s no doubt we’ve had a surge of “foodiegrams” with everyone and their mother wanting to show off the best (and the worst) of the food scene. What was once the bread and butter (pardon the expression) of food critics around the world is now used by us mere mortals who think that a brief review on Trip Advisor is enough to nominate a restaurant for a Michelin star. But in embarking on using a dedicated foodie Instagram account, I’m hit with the same feeling as when I write reviews for films and games. The adage holds true; everyone’s a critic. Especially when it comes to food.


Chocolate Mouse (Jules Bistro)


I’m not sure exactly where I’m going with this. But in the end, you will see a lot more pictures of dinner and desserts nestled amongst the anecdotes on the gaming industry and why awards season sucks (a story for another time). Who knows if I will expand this Instagram account into a dedicated foodie blog. But for now, I’ll annoy my Dad by taking 5 minutes to take the perfect picture of a piece of fish before digging in.


IMG_2282 2
Upper Left: Strawberry Tart, Upper Right: Salted Caramel Gelato Sandwich, Lower Left: Chocolate Bread Pudding with Chocolate Ice Cream, Lower Right: Lemon Creme Brulee (Stratus Restaurant)


Bon Appetit!

P.S. working title of the possible foodie blog is Jimmy Chew’s Restaurant Club (thoughts?)

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