I Just Got Back From PAX East and It Was Awesome



Perhaps I should be sleeping rather than writing this quick update post, but I’ve had such a fun weekend that I feel like I have to get something down on paper. I’ve just come back from my trip to Boston for this year’s PAX East, and I wanted to mention some of the future posts I have planned from the stuff I got to see (and play) this weekend. There was a lot, so there’s plenty to discuss.

First, I think as far as gaming culture conventions go it’s hard to beat the PAX family. While we still have our big industry events like E3 and Gamescom, PAX is fantastic for its blend of trade show and exposé of gaming and geek culture as a whole. I was talking to my friend who I went to PAX with about this and he agreed that it’s often easy to overlook the culture and communities that have arisen from the almost four decades of video games. Part of the reason why I enjoyed PAX so much was the ability to discuss gaming with tons of people who all love the same thing. It also helps that there are tons of games to play too.

I had the privilege to play several different games at this year’s PAX East. Some were titles that are coming this year, and I’ve wanted to play for a long time. Others were lovely indie gems that are hopefully getting a release soon. Because I saw so many games, some of which were incredible experiences, there’s going to be a mixture of general PAX gaming posts and specific pieces focusing on particular titles. I cannot put into words how wonderful some of the games I got to play were, and I can’t wait to share that with you. Hopefully, they’ll get you interested in these games as well.

I hope you stick around. Until then I’m going to enjoy some well-earned sleep.

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