Blog Update: Overwatch and More


Howdy Internet. You look well all things considered.

It’s a new month which means another update post with what to expect for the next upcoming four weeks. I’ve still got a few posts about the stuff I saw at PAX East that I want to write, one of which is already in the works and should be up in a couple of days. But apart from PAX stuff, plenty is coming in the month of May that is sure to provide ample writing material.

For starters, Captain America: Civil War (or as I like to call it The Avengers 2.5) is coming out this weekend, and I’m eager to see it. Partially because its made by the same team that did The Winter Soldier, but also because I need to know whether or not the superhero film fatigue that I’ve been experiencing the last couple months is going to get better or worse with all the films that are churning out of DC and Marvel. I want to like Civil War, but I’m also doing that thing where I lower my expectations for sequels so that I’m not too disappointed if it just isn’t as good. You’ll be sure to find out more in my review.

But enough talk of movies, on to the games. I’m particularly excited for May as one of my most anticipated games of 2016 is getting released in the coming weeks. If you’ve read my Overwatch at PAX post, then I don’t need to tell you how excited I am to play it. I’ve already preordered it and am going to take full advantage of the prepurchase Beta before the full version comes out. I’ll probably still be terrible by the time it drops, but I’m ok with that.

Speaking of Betas and releases, I played the Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst Beta a couple of weeks ago, and it’s only added to my anticipation for the full version. Yes, it’s not coming out until June 7th. But there’s plenty to talk about as we get closer to that date, especially since they’ve changed a lot. If you’ve played the original Mirror’s Edge, be prepared for a different adventure. Expect that once I’m done the PAX posts.

Other than PAX East, Captain America, Overwatch, and Mirror’s Edge the rest of the month is up in the air as always. I’m still playing Bravely Second (almost done) and I still have some other titles that I need to get back to before Overwatch consumes my life. Not sure if any posts are going to come out of that, but I have some ideas. With the frequency that I write posts, the stuff I talked about before hand might fill my “quota” for the month.

Either way, I hope you stick around!

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