I Forgot Star Trek Beyond Existed

I loved the first Star Trek reboot film. It might not have been very Trekkie to some, but it was exciting to see the new direction the franchise was taking. However, after the second film rehashed plotlines straight from the original series and films, many (myself included) became concerned as to whether or not the new voyages of the USS Enterprise would be new at all. As a result, I began not to pay attention to the progress of the next film in the franchise. What I didn’t realize until the most recent trailer is that I’d put it so far out of my mind that that I’d forgotten the film was coming out, let alone this year.

I was paying attention to the movie during the first few pieces of news about production, but what I heard gave me mixed feeling towards the film. Simon Pegg taking the lead on the screenplay was incredibly exciting, but the choice of director wasn’t something I was giddy about. With this lack of excitement and several other things capturing my interest, it’s not that surprising that Star Trek Beyond was so low on my priority list. But the latest trailer has helped bump it up a little bit.

Unlike the first teaser which was a bit too ‘actiony’, the newest trailer does a better job of showing the action that we’ve come to expect but highlighting that this, in fact, a new adventure. Though, I can’t help but wonder how many times we have to blow up the Enterprise before this universe’s Captain Kirk proves to be a somewhat competent captain. I guess we’ll find out this July whether or not Star Trek Beyond will be forgettable.


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