Blog Update: Jam-packed June


While the month of June is significant for several reasons, June 2016 for the Bits by Brereton blog is going to be a big one. In fact, the amount of stuff going on in the first two weeks alone is almost overwhelming. But, through a combination of pure excitement and sheer stubbornness, I plan on facing the incoming tidal wave of events, announcements, and surprises with gusto. That and a lot of tea. In any case, a lot is happening in June. The best (or worst) part of it all is that there’s a lot that we can only speculate of what will happen. I’m here to break down what you can expect for the month of June from Bits by Brereton.

If you’re a gamer or follow gaming, then June is significant because it’s the month when the biggest event in the gaming calendar occurs. I’m of course talking about E3. This year, in particular, has some changes to its lineup that will be interesting to see how they affect the show overall. EA is holding its own event before the show called EA Play, forgoing its traditional press conference at its usual time with Microsoft, Ubisoft, and Sony. Activision-Blizzard is not going to be at the show, which is disappointing considering the recent success of Overwatch. Nintendo is not doing a direct this year and is instead focusing on a live stream of the latest Zelda title. I don’t need to reiterate how I feel about Nintendo’s plans, but EA and Activision’s departure does beg the question as to whether or not the show will be any good this year. But with all the other big players still present at E3, I’m not panicking just yet. There’s still going to be lots to talk about no matter when publishers announce games or release exciting new trailers. Still, if the trend is to hold events independent of E3 and other conventions, then perhaps E3 as we know it isn’t going to be around for too much longer.


But E3 aside, June is big for Bits by Brereton because in five days the blog will celebrate its one year anniversary! While the purpose of the blog was never to become incredibly popular, it has had a decent amount of success over the past year, and I’ve enjoyed sharing my thoughts on pop culture and the gaming industry with you all. So you can expect a post on June 7th with some thoughts on that and some speculation of what will happen in the next year. Chances are not much will change, but it’s going to fun either way. That is if I remember to take a break from Overwatch and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst to write it.

As you can tell from my twitter feed if you follow me on Twitter, I’m kind of obsessed with Overwatch. After Stardew Valley and Bravely Second, it’s one of the few games this year to get me hooked from day one. But, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is out this month (on June 7th funnily enough) and that will serve as a reprieve from having to deal with Mei players who are just too damn good. Though I’m sure, I’m still going to be playing Overwatch along with Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. If you read my post on the Catalyst beta, then you know that I’m pretty excited for it and have high hopes for it. Here’s hoping that my post on that will be a positive one.

E3 and EA play are going to provide almost endless things to discuss and write about. I’m more than ready for the almost week of press conference watching and blogging. I hope you’ll stick around for it, and if you’ve been reading throughout the past year I just wanted to say thanks!

Hold on to your butts.




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