One Year Later…


Unsure who originally baked this cake, but well done 🙂


As much as it might sound like a cliché, it’s hard to believe that’s been a year since I created Bits by Brereton. At first, I wasn’t sure how well this blog was going to turn out. But over the past twelve months, I’ve had some incredible experiences and have had the privilege of sharing some them with you. I’d like to share some of my thoughts looking over the past year.

When I look back at everything I’ve written, all 128 posts to be exact, two things come to mind. First, I’m surprisingly proud that I’ve managed to write this much. Although plenty of bloggers will write far more in a year than I do, this isn’t my job. If I was paid or making any money of off Bits by Brereton then I’d probably need to pick up the slack to earn my keep. I started Bits by Brereton not only to fulfil my desire to keep writing but also because I wanted to have a hobby that was could be shared with whoever wanted to read my thoughts. Not to earn a living. With a full-time job and a slew of other commitments that eat up a decent amount of my free time, 128 posts isn’t that bad.

The second thing is the variety of subjects that I’ve written about and discussed. While there’s an underlying theme of geek culture to all of Bits by Brereton’s posts, the blog is meant to be fairly open to prevent my own creativity from being stifled. If I want to write about something because I feel strongly enough about it, I should be able to write about it. Now I’m not about to write about politics or the weather forecast, but covering films, music, and games means that there’s no shortage of things to talk about.

Starting the blog at the beginning of E3 2015 was a real trial by fire for me, but it was only the beginning of all the things that I would write about. All the films I saw at TIFF 2015, my thoughts on the game development cycle, first impressions of some fantastic indie titles, and so much more. I can’t say that I have a favourite because in a way I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve written. Except that post on Apple Music, that was pretty awful. Should probably delete that.

Regardless of how much I have written this past year or will write this year, I want to thank everyone for reading. While the purpose of the blog is not to get lots of readers, I thank those that have continued to read over the past year and show their support. Thank you for agreeing with me on some of my reviews, or in some cases not agreeing with them. Thank you for pointing out that time I accidently used the word ‘poultry’ when I should have used ‘paltry’. I cannot say thank you enough and I hope that you continue to read my posts in the future.

Speaking of the future, this is normally the part where you’d announce some big plans for the coming year or something. But in typical Bits by Brereton fashion, there isn’t a plan. There’s an idea of a plan, but unless I were to change things in my life drastically, there isn’t time for an actual plan. That said, I do have some goals I’d like to try and meet. E3 is going to up the number of posts I usually write this month considerably, but afterwards I’d like to try and write at least three posts a week. I’d also like to get back into doing full reviews of video games. Recently, I’ve avoided doing full reviews as the time I have available to play games is sometimes sparse. But things should be settling down relatively soon so I hope to play more of them if I have enough free time.

In any case, I once again say thank you for reading if you’ve read any of my posts before. If somehow this is the first post on the blog you’re reading, then let me say welcome and I hope you stick around for another year of geek culture editorials and anecdotes.

Happy Birthday Bits by Brereton!

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