Steam Summer Sale 2016: Resistance is Futile

Note: any prices mentioned are in CAD


The Steam Summer Sale, that magical time of year when Gabe Newell welcomes you with open arms only to shiv you and steal your wallet. Ok, so maybe not done so violently, but Steam makes a tidy profit during the Summer Sale as gamers hand over tons of money for great deals. And really, who can blame them? Some of the bargains you get during the sale are incredible. During this sale alone I have bought about ten games for $50. Considering that these days the price of a new game on average is $80, the Steam Summer Sale is a chance to get some fantastic titles. I’m not going to go into all the games I’ve purchased during this sale, but I will highlight the ones that I look forward to playing the most.

To the Moon

Recommended to me by a friend, To the Moon is an indie RPG that follows two scientists as they traverse a dying man’s memories in an attempt to fulfill his wish of going to the moon. The game promises to be an emotional journey and at $2.19 it’s practically a steal.

Move or Die

The game is pretty much exactly what the title says. You play against your friends in various mini-games that all revolve around the idea that you have to keep moving, or you die. I played a little bit of it at PAX East this year, and I’m more than happy to spend $10.19 after a 40% discount. My friendships might not survive though.

Poker Night 2

This is perhaps the oddest purchase I’ve made so far during this sale, but I did it partially because it was only a dollar ($1.39). But the main reason was I’ve seen videos of the game online, and it seemed like a fun way to play online poker. It helps that you’re playing against characters from various franchises. But playing against a robot (in this case Claptrap) does have its disadvantages I guess.

Saint’s Row: Gat out of Hell

I loved Saint’s Row 3 and 4, but I passed on the last title on the because it didn’t seem like it was worth the price at the time. But it certainly looks like a ton of fun for four bucks.

Drawful 2

I actually bought all the Jackbox Party during the sale, but it’s Drawful 2 that I’m the most excited for. The first Drawful is a ton of fun and from what little bit I’ve played the sequel is even better. I look forward to getting my friends together and laugh at all our terrible drawings.

One thought on “Steam Summer Sale 2016: Resistance is Futile

  1. PayPal UK announced on Twitter feed annual Steam Summer Sale 2017 starts 22 June at 6pm BST, spending £20 on Steam UK get £5 to spend via PayPal, offer expires on July 5, 2017.


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