I’m Not Dead, Just Busy and Lazy at the Same Time.


Hey there Internet! It’s been awhile.

In my last post, I said that I would still be writing about stuff despite the lack things getting released this month that excited me. Fast-forward two weeks later and nothing else has been posted. In my defense, I have tried to do some writing. If you look at my drafts (pictured above), I have several posts in the works right now, one of which is mostly written and haven’t gotten around to finishing it. But you may be wondering why I’m writing this post when I should be finishing up that one. The truth is these past couple weeks have been some the craziest this year. I don’t think I’ve been this busy since the end of March when a whole bunch of shit hit the fan, and I was dealing with the aftermath of that. The result is that the motivation to write about anything isn’t quite here right now.

As I’ve repeated numerous times on this blog, I’m doing this as a hobby and not as my job. What’s happening right now is a result so many different things that it’s hard for even me to fully wrap my head around it. Without going into too many details here’s what I’m dealing with right now. A lot is happening at work (nothing bad just busy). I have several great friends who are moving out of the country both short and long term which is unsurprisingly emotional. I’m trying to save money for a big trip that I’m going on next month (a story for another time). I’m trying to go to the gym when I have the time and the energy to get myself there. And on top of it all, I’m still trying to fit in time to game and de-stress from life’s insanity. As you can imagine based on all that when I finally have that time to write the energy isn’t there. That’s not to say that I want to stop writing, it’s one of the reasons why I decided to dedicate time to writing this post and attempt to explain what’s going on.

So I guess the TLDR version of everything is that there’s a lot going on and with what little free time I have I don’t want to force myself to write and get sick of this thing I still love doing and hope to continue when things are a little less crazy. You’ll have to bear with me probably for another month as this big trip I mentioned earlier is going to mess up things even further. In any case, thanks for sticking with me and being so understanding. Apologies if you were expecting something than two weeks of silence.

P.S. You will be getting an opinion piece on No Man’s Sky soon. As you can probably tell from the draft title, I’m not going mince words.

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