Blog Update: On the Road Again

Wilderness road, Scotland

Hey there Internet. Did you have a good summer? Mine was pretty good if you care to know.

Through a combination of enjoying the summer weather and a plethora of non-blogging obligations, July and August ended up being incredibly sparse in the posts department. As I mentioned in one of three posts I wrote last month, I did try to write more but long story short that just didn’t happen. So now that Summer is coming to an end, and we enter in the last third of the year things should pick up again right? After all, last September we had TIFF and TGS to talk about and we should be able to do the same for September 2016 right? Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen.

Next Friday I’ll be heading off on a two-week trip out of the country for some much-needed R&R. While I’ll have access to WiFi and have my laptop with me, there will probably not be many opportunities to sit down and write posts. I’m certainly going to try, though. My trip overlaps with both TIFF 2016 and TGS 2016 so there might be topics to discuss or editorialize for the blog. But don’t your breath, I need this vacation and as I’ve said before the last thing I want to do is feel forced to write something.


But, I will only be gone two weeks of four, and there’s stuff happening in the first week of September that I’m looking forward to writing about. For starters, next Wednesday (September 7th) is a jam-packed day for both Apple fans and Sony fans. Apple is holding a press event to announce the iPhone 7 most likely. Meanwhile, Sony is holding the “PlaySation Business Meeting” later the same day for what is expected to be new PS4 hardware. Side note, could Sony have picked a more dull name for a gaming press conference. Bad titles aside, I’m excited for what will either be a day filled with exciting news or a massive disappointment.  Either way, there will be plenty to talk about. Plus before all that PAX West 2016 is happening this weekend and there’s bound to be all kinds of cool gaming stuff from that if PAX East 2016 was any indicator.


On the gaming front, Season 2 of Overwatch Competitive play starts on September 6th, and I’ll be attempting to do all my placement matches before I head off for my vacation at the end of the week. Now you’re probably sick of the Overwatch posts, but they’re making some significant changes to this season, and I’m curious to see where I place in the new ranking system. If I end up in silver, I’ll be thrilled, but knowing how these things pan out, I’ll get a bronze ranking. Again there should be a post in there somewhere. Maybe I’ll write about that in the airport or something.

As for the last week of September, I’m not sure what will be there. Final Fantasy XV got delayed so those posts will have to wait for November, so most likely I’ll write something about my travels if I haven’t already by this point.

While I’m a little disappointed that I’m not able to make it to TIFF this year, I’m super excited for this upcoming trip and look forward to traveling and just being able to explore and not think about games, movies, or pop culture. Though we’ll see if that lasts.

Safe Travels.

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