Blog Update: I Missed You Blog


Hello World! Long time no see.

I know that I haven’t gone completely radio silent over the past month, but it feels like I’ve been gone for a long time. Then again, I was gone for two weeks and not near a reliable internet connection, so writing on the blog didn’t take priority. While this blog isn’t meant to focus on my life, I will say that I needed that vacation. I was tired, stressed, and I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to make it to the end of the year without losing it. Amazing what two weeks away from everything can do. Although Bits by Brereton isn’t a source of stress per say, I will say that during these last few months it’s been hard to find the energy to write. A game review or opinion piece on gaming culture is a tall order when you feel like you’re running on fumes day to day.

Needless to say, I am happy I took time off and got away from video games, films, and geek culture so I could truly enjoy this trip. Because by the time I was ready to come home, I was also ready to start writing again. So after the months of odd summer hours and September vacations, October and the rest of 2016 should be a return to form for Bits by Brereton. There’s already a lot to talk about this month.

First, I was lucky enough to participate in the Pit People beta on Steam. I’ve written about Pit People before on the blog as I’ve played it both at RTX 2015 and PAX East 2016. The beta, which ends October 5th, goes beyond the demo I played at those conventions there’s plenty to say about the game. So look forward to that very soon. Also in video games, there’s a ton of games coming out this month, a couple of which I’ll be looking into. Civilization VI is finally upon us in a couple of weeks, and as I’ve mentioned on the blog before, I am going to be saying goodbye to my social life. And while I haven’t played any of the Mafia games, Mafia III looks particularly intriguing, and I might be picking that up as well. I mean I do have to kill time before Final Fantasy XV arrives.

As for film posts, I missed the Toronto International Film Festival while I was away. However, many of the films that I wanted to see at the festival thankfully were released shortly after the festival. Queen of Katwe, Snowden, and The Girl on the Train are just a few examples of films that I’m eager to go and see. Expect a review or two for at least one of those.

Finally, I have several post ideas that I think I finally have the energy to write about. I have to give these ideas some more thought, but I want to write more so I think I’ll trying harder to get them out there.

I hope you stick around as I get back to writing more often. There will surely be news and surprises for future posts that I haven’t even thought of yet, and I’m looking forward to writing them. I also just realized I still need to think of Halloween costume, I might write another Halloween post on that endeavour. Anyone have any simple nerdy Halloween costume ideas? I might just resurrect the Slender-man costume that wore a few years back. Hopefully I don’t scare too many kids if I do that.




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