Blog Update: This Should Be Interesting…


While there may only be two months left in the year, there’s a lot left in 2016 for better or worse. November, in particular, is significant as it contains the release dates of films and games that I’ve been eagerly anticipating for years (in one case, about a decade). Not to mention that I still have some catching up to do with stuff from October. In typical Bits by Brereton fashion, individual posts had to get put off for real-life craziness. In any case, there’s a ton happening in November so let’s talk about what you might be seeing on the blog this month.


In the first week alone we have two big things happening. On November 4th we have the release of the latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Doctor Strange. Now I have spoken on the blog before about my mixed feelings towards what I’ve seen of Doctor Strange so far, but that doesn’t mean I’m not eager to see the MCU treatment of my favourite Marvel superhero. Luckily from what early reviews have said the film is shaping up to be another hit for Marvel. I’ve already got my tickets to see it opening weekend so expect a review soon after.


At the same time, Blizzcon is going on in Anaheim, and I’m hoping we get some awesome announcements out of there this year. With Overwatch now out into the world and rumors of a new Diablo title in the works, there’s a lot of anticipation as to what we’ll get. On the other hand looking at the schedule, we’re probably only going to get the actual reveal of Sombra which will finally put that damn ARG to rest. Or knowing our luck, we’ll still be saying “Quién Es Sombra?”


Later on, the next generation of Pokémon titles hits the Nintendo 3Ds with Pokémon Sun & Moon. With the significant formula changes and a new world to explore I’m particularly excited for this one. Then again I’d play it even if it weren’t that different because it’s Pokémon. I’ll be interested to see what kind of impact Pokémon GO will have on Sun & Moon’s sales, considering how different the games are.

And lastly, both regarding actual blog post subjects and occurrence in November, Final Fantasy XV finally comes out on November 29th. As I’ve mentioned on the blog before, I’ve been eagerly waiting for this game for what seems like forever. While it’s been so long that my expectations are virtually non-existent, what I have played in demos and previews has been a ton of fun, and I’m excitedly (that’s an understatement) awaiting the final product. They also recently released a intense CG trailer that’s certainly got me pumped for the end of the month. I just paid for the special edition I preordered back in March, so hopefully it comes soon.


Plus there’s all the stuff that I didn’t get to in October. I’ve started playing Skyrim Special Edition and would love to write some thoughts on that, and I still need to pick up Civ VI which might be a bad idea considering all the other games I want to play. That and I don’t want to destroy my social life. As always there’s bound to be tons of other stuff that may or may not make it in a post. But in terms of stuff that I’m excited to write about, November should be interesting.

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