Top 5 Things I Would Like to See From E3 2017


We’re a week away from E3 2017, and less than a week away from the incoming tsunami of game news and announcements (holy shit). So while I still have to remind myself that I’m actually going to gaming’s biggest convention this year, I haven’t given much thought as to what I’m hoping to get out of this year’s show. Sure I’m hoping to get to play some new games, including perhaps one massive title that I’ll be stuck in line for all day. But sometimes the best stuff to come out of a show is the stuff that isn’t necessarily playable. Perhaps it will be a trailer for something that’s still deep in development, or maybe it will be a tech demo for a new engine. Either way, as past E3’s have shown, not everything that gets hyped up is what makes the show great. That said I do have some things that I’d love to see from the show this year. I mean I have to have some kind of prediction post for E3 right? So here are the top 5 things I want to see/get out of E3 2017.


5. An actual reason to buy a “Scorpio.”

Before we delve into what I mean by “an actual reason,” let us take a moment to reflect that most likely we’re not going to be calling the new Microsoft console Scorpio much longer. This makes me kind of sad as I liked the name and secretly hope that they keep it. But I digress.

Whatever they end up calling the Scorpio, powerful hardware alone isn’t going win me over. This isn’t 2007, when it was all about graphics, graphics, graphics. I don’t have a 4K TV, I don’t care about VR, and I don’t care about 30FPS vs. 60FPS. I just want engaging and exciting gameplay experiences, and if it looks good while we do that, then that’s a very nice plus. So while the Scorpio marketing team might scream “6 Teraflops” at me thinking it will win me over, I point to my PC and say “you’re going to have to do better than that.” I already have a Switch, a Ps4, a 3DS, and a powerful gaming PC, so the Scorpio is going to have to try pretty hard to win me over with exclusives.

In that sense, I’m super excited to see how Scorpio pans out because they have a lot of work to do to convince people like me that pretty much have all the gaming bases covered.

Also on a slightly related note, Even if the console is $499 USD as rumored, that’s still at least $599 CAD.


4. Some cool new toys for PC gaming

At the time of writing the only press conference where I’ll definitely be in the audience is this year’s PC Gaming Show. While nowhere near as hyped up as the other conferences leading up to E3, the PC Gaming show allows PC game publishers and hardware manufacturers to show off demos of new games and tech.

It’s actually the prospect of new hardware that has me the most intrigued. Because E3 is very console heavy, PCs often takes a back seat despite being the primary way most hardcore gamers actually play games. I’m always giddy at the idea of seeing new toys and gadgets to enhance the PC gaming experience. Top of the line graphics cards? Don’t mind if I do. Specs on new keyboards and mice from Corsair and Razer? Yes, please. The primary sponsor is Intel? Sign me up… oh wait, I did that already.

In any case, this year’s show promises to have plenty of new announcements for games and hardware that I’m sure will not only make my first E3 a memorable one but more than make up for all the bullshit of trying to get into other conferences.


3. A new Animal Crossing game for the Switch

Ok, so this one is probably the most unlikely on the list. While we’re probably going to get a new Animal Crossing game for the Switch eventually, all the focus on Super Mario Odyssey (which I’m still super excited for) will most likely result in very few ‘surprises’ coming from Nintendo at this year’s E3. Still, franchises like Animal Crossing were made for consoles like the Switch. And considering the last proper Animal Crossing title was New Leaf back in 2013 we’re overdue for the next installment.

I know we’re going to be getting a mobile game from the franchise sometime in the next year, which I suppose would tide me over if we got any more news on that. But I would be ecstatic if we got a brand new, proper, Animal Crossing title for the Switch. I mean, how else am going to continue being in debt to Tom Nook?


2. Play one big triple-A title

While there are tons of games that are playable at E3, the most prized games are the ones that everyone is eager to get their hands on. The triple-A games that everyone will talk about all week and speculate if we already have a game of the show contender. Sure you have to wait in line for several hours and may not get a chance to play anything else, but for that one play session, you at least get to say that you’ve played it. Even if it may or may not have been worth it in the end.

Considering I skipped the last entry, I’m hoping the sequel is a major improvement

In prep for E3, I haven’t done a ton of research as to what games will be playable at the show. I have some ideas for which big games I’d like to try and play, but I think it will certainly depend on what I feel like playing. There’s going to be so much to do at E3 that this may slip me by entirely. But I’ve been to gaming conventions before, I know how to schedule and queue like a pro.

I also know not to get my expectations too high, as there are going to be a ridiculous number of people trying to play the same games. So I’ll play what I can, but I’m hoping that I’ll get the chance to be that smug asshole who played it at E3 before almost everyone else.

1. A massive, show-defining, surprise

Perhaps this is the vaguest item on the list, and could in theory tie into any of the other items described earlier, but this in some ways defines the best E3s. Mainly I want there to that moment when my fanboyish nature for gaming just explodes. I continually refer to GameTrailers’ (RIP) reactions to the Sony press conference as one of those oddly satisfying moments when you’re a gamer. When you literally cannot control yourself.

Maybe it will be a game announcement so exciting and out of left field that it will leave me jumping for joy. Maybe Scorpio will have some crazy exclusive that will make it worth the almost-inevitable super-expensive price tag. Maybe there will be an indie title with such a novel and fun concept that I’ll preorder it the minute I get home from the event. Whatever it is, I want to happen at my first E3.

The best part of E3 is that when there’s so much good stuff, it’s hard to keep track of it all. The worst part of the E3 is that there’s always the risk that there won’t be much to talk about at all. The leaks for this year’s event have been relatively minor, aside from the usual Assassin’s Creed leaks (which may or may not be done on purpose). So apart from what’s already been announced that’s going to be at the show, there’s a ton of stuff that we don’t know about yet. Both Microsoft and Sony are promising killer lineups this year, and Nintendo is sure to wow everyone even with their (so-far) limited lineup.

But no matter if none of these things happen or all of them do, I’m sure E3 2017 is going to be one for the history books.

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