Blog Update: E3 Bound

Hello there Internet. Just wanted to write a quick post as I wait for my flight to LA.

I took the last couple as a sort of reprieve from regular (read: erratic) blog posting. Between work, going back to school for a couple weeks, and catching up on games once I’d finally stopped playing Persona 5 (spoiler alert I was addicted), I didn’t feel like writing. When you’re not being paid to do what you love, the last thing what you do is turn into a chore or obligation that you grow sick of.

However, since I’ve finished my course and I’m off to what could very well be considered gaming Mecca, I’ve finally felt the urge to write again. I doubt I’ll be able to do what I’ve done in the past with E3 since I’m not at home watching the press conferences, but I’m planning to do what I’ve done with past conventions (ie PAX and RTX) and write about it all when I get back.

I’m going into E3 with very little expectations apart from being overwhelmed by everything I see. As excited as I am it’s really hard to plan as you can’t really plan when you’re going with tens of thousands of other people to see the same thing.

Never the less, I’m looking forward to writing about it all, good and bad, in the near future.


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