The Problem With Fallout 4’s Story

SPOILER WARNING! There will be discussions about moments throughout the whole game (specifically the endings); you’ve been warned. Last week I finally finished Fallout 4’s main campaign. After 60 plus hours of wandering The Commonwealth, killing super mutants, picking locks, and searching for adhesive, I proceeded to side with The Brotherhood of Steel and nuke … More The Problem With Fallout 4’s Story

Blog Update: Not Much for November (Except Fallout 4)

If you live in the states, November has Thanksgiving and lining up at 4am for Black Friday sales. If you’re like me and live in Canada, November is an odd month.  As much as Black Friday has tried to become a thing here, November has essentially become the “pre-christmas” month before December. We do have Remembrance Day, … More Blog Update: Not Much for November (Except Fallout 4)

Day 0 @E3 2015 : Top 5

After the craziness of Bethesda’s presser last night, it’s hard to imagine that there are four more days of jaw-dropping game announcements left for our enjoyment. Despite Fallout 4’s attempt to ruin any further excitement, Day 0 of E3 2015 was filled with several incredible announcements and gameplay trailers. Not only from Microsoft and Sony, … More Day 0 @E3 2015 : Top 5