The Pre-E3 Problem

The most common analogy made about E3 is that it is Christmas for gamers. Despite the increase in press conferences for major announcements taking place outside of the traditional gaming convention calendar, E3 continues to be considered the biggest gaming conference of the year. However, continuing the Christmas analogy, it has become a trend for some … More The Pre-E3 Problem

Why the New Star Trek TV Series Has Already Gone Wrong

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, but it is possible to be both excited about something and worried about it at the same time. These conflicting feelings are common, especially with the continuing trend of bringing old franchises back in the form of reboots and spinoffs. So when it was announced that Star Trek would be … More Why the New Star Trek TV Series Has Already Gone Wrong

A Halloween Quandry

I’m not writing this to prove a point or anything, more to my thoughts on paper so to speak. Or maybe I’m asking a question that I don’t care whether or not I get an answer to. When you’re a kid, halloween is one of the best parts of the year. You get to dress up, … More A Halloween Quandry